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1. Worklist

2. Patient/Clinical Details

  • Some patient-related data have an effect on the result of risk analysis. Therefore it is recommended to pay particular attention when entering the data. The tutorial shows mandatory fields to perform 1st trimester Pre-eclampsia risk calculation. All the other fields are used to provide additional information to patient record. For more details about correction factors and parameters influencing the risk calculation please refer to the Fast Screen User manual.

3. Doctors

  • To ensure correct measurement of ultrasound markers, it is recommended that the sonographer completes the training and acquires the corresponding global or local certification.

4. Pregnancy


6. Ultrasound

  • Ultrasound parameters have a significant effect on the results of first trimester risk calculation. The precision of ultrasound measurement is responsibility of a sonographer assigned to the particular patient record.

7. Results 1. Trimester

  • The sample ID is the unique number which specifies the patient record. Blood sampling date is necessary for biochemistry gestational age. The date when the sample was received in the lab is important to specify the length of sample storage.

8. Risk Analysis

You can start a video via the navigation bar on the left or on the content screen on the right. On the content screen you can start with the explanation of the main window or start by clicking on a number on the main window detail. Colors and numbers mark the different areas and connect the navigation bar to the areas.

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